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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Have You Seen All4tubekids On Youtube?

My kids love love love this youtube reality show. ALL4TUBEKIDS

 It's a dad that has been filming his girls for awhile as they prank eachother and just basically have lots of family fun. For the past couple of days both of my girls have been watching them do the TIN CAN CHALLENGES.

I really don't care for it that much but the kiddos do Give it a try and see for yourself1

1 comment:

  1. Dear All4tubekids,
    My name is jessica hirmiz I am 12 I am turning 13 years old. I am in usa to. I like you Brianna . I am your biggest number one fan. I like 1d music video to. When I was a little girl I like justin bieber like you Brianna .
    I like your video I like your pranks and challenges. I like your friends from canada My uncles live there to. I have one uncle in new york there to. Where are your friends at canada. What is your favorite gum? My favorite gum is mit. P.S. My birthday coming up in january 12 2004 can you come my birthday party and your friends to all your friends. Maybe I am getting my own room.
    From-Jessica Hirmiz