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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Have You Seen All4tubekids On Youtube?

My kids love love love this youtube reality show. ALL4TUBEKIDS

 It's a dad that has been filming his girls for awhile as they prank eachother and just basically have lots of family fun. For the past couple of days both of my girls have been watching them do the TIN CAN CHALLENGES.

I really don't care for it that much but the kiddos do Give it a try and see for yourself1

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sean Lowe Bachelor 2013

I love Monday nights again!! Why? Because of Sean Lowe!! He is dreamy, handsome and the best bachelor the show has ever had!!! He is so sweet and polite and has manners and is respectful and has a body to drool over!!!! I am married with two kids and my husband always bugs me ...but I just can't help it. I mean I LOVE my husband but Sean is a really unbelievable young man. I wish I could start a group whether online or at my house where we could pour some wine and have some snacks and watch it every Monday night together. Maybe this posting might get me some new "bachelor" friends.
Here's a clip:


Celebrities and The National Anthem

I, like everyone else, watched Beyonce sing and got chills when she was singing the national anthem.  It was the best part of the inauguration in my opinion. The next day my husband blurts out that she lip synced. Well I started an argument with him backing her up and saying that she has no reason to lip sync because she is truly a singer and she would never do such a stupid thing!! Well I was wrong!!
     HOW COULD SHE? I could not care less of her excuse...but how could she? We all know she can sing, well all know she is a great performer. Now we have people putting up stupid posting like the following one making fun of her :
I found a clip where she had sung the anthem at a superbowl...was this lip syncing again? Watch:
Ok...now this one is the inauguration:
Whitney Houston was by far the best performer!!!!

Celebrities with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

     The new year is here and we all want to loose some weight. But how do we do it? Dr. Oz has given us a few ideas but then we have all these overweight celebrities that have gone to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and have actually been  successful.
Last night on Piers Morgan Dr. Oz convinced Piers to loose some weight. Here is the clip :
Ok so what are we going to do? Do we follow jenny, ww, nutrisystem or Dr. Oz?
Well, I did some research and believe me i am in for at lest 20 pounds this year, found that this article on WEBMD, will give you an idea as to which way you should go. In the mean time check out this other videos with celebrities that swear by their weight loss.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrities And Their Stepchildren


 Being a step parent is hard. How do you co-parent. Are there limits and boundaries as to what and what you can't do. Will they accept you? Will they see you as a parent, an intruder or as a role model? What if they hate you...wouldn't it be nice if they just loved you?
     Celebrities too become stepparent all the time. I always wonder if it's easier for them or is it harder? I came across an article about Elizabeth Hurley thanking her stepchildren for welcoming her. I remember when I was welcomed with open arms at first, but then when I started to parent...boy did the tables turn on me!
     I just thought I could share this article with my readers and give some positivity that celebrities are human and they go through the same ups and downs as all us parents and stepparents.

Celebrities Caught With No Make up

     Alright, I'm like everyone else...sometimes I just don't have time to put my makeup on...heck I just stick my hair in a bun and run to where I have to go. Celebrities are people too...right?...pause...well ok....they are but they sure look scary when they are caught with no makeup on. The younger ones are not that bad, but the older ones...like Cher...omg....please please don't do this to yourself. I see it like this : they have worked so hard and so long to get their image perfected and once they are caught, its like...there is no going back. Do I sound harsh, maybe a little bit, but honestly most of them looked fine without makeup. It was Cher and Madonna that scared me. What do you think?