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Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrities with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

     The new year is here and we all want to loose some weight. But how do we do it? Dr. Oz has given us a few ideas but then we have all these overweight celebrities that have gone to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and have actually been  successful.
Last night on Piers Morgan Dr. Oz convinced Piers to loose some weight. Here is the clip :
Ok so what are we going to do? Do we follow jenny, ww, nutrisystem or Dr. Oz?
Well, I did some research and believe me i am in for at lest 20 pounds this year, found that this article on WEBMD, will give you an idea as to which way you should go. In the mean time check out this other videos with celebrities that swear by their weight loss.

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