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Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrities and The National Anthem

I, like everyone else, watched Beyonce sing and got chills when she was singing the national anthem.  It was the best part of the inauguration in my opinion. The next day my husband blurts out that she lip synced. Well I started an argument with him backing her up and saying that she has no reason to lip sync because she is truly a singer and she would never do such a stupid thing!! Well I was wrong!!
     HOW COULD SHE? I could not care less of her excuse...but how could she? We all know she can sing, well all know she is a great performer. Now we have people putting up stupid posting like the following one making fun of her :
I found a clip where she had sung the anthem at a superbowl...was this lip syncing again? Watch:
Ok...now this one is the inauguration:
Whitney Houston was by far the best performer!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nobody HAS to lip-sync. I think they do it because they have a reputation to live up to. If you mess up the national anthem, they will NEVER let you forget it.
    *cough* Christina Aguilera *cough*
    They do it so you hear the quality of music you expect from them. They said Kelly Clarkson didn't lip-sync but she has never cared what critics have said about her so if she had a bad performance, she would have been prepared for flack.