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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrities And Their Stepchildren


 Being a step parent is hard. How do you co-parent. Are there limits and boundaries as to what and what you can't do. Will they accept you? Will they see you as a parent, an intruder or as a role model? What if they hate you...wouldn't it be nice if they just loved you?
     Celebrities too become stepparent all the time. I always wonder if it's easier for them or is it harder? I came across an article about Elizabeth Hurley thanking her stepchildren for welcoming her. I remember when I was welcomed with open arms at first, but then when I started to parent...boy did the tables turn on me!
     I just thought I could share this article with my readers and give some positivity that celebrities are human and they go through the same ups and downs as all us parents and stepparents.

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